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Monday, March 04, 2019

(251) 746-2204 home/office  (352) 538-2505 cell
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Come Enjoy Our Southern Hospitality and Great Southern Cooking!

Here at Redhill Plantation we have something to offer everyone.  Exciting hunts for whitetail deer or turkey or a simple quiet bed and breakfast.  All while enjoying our southern hospitality and great southern cooking.  Come by yourself, as a couple or with a group (up to 6) and have the time of your lives.

Larry and Liz Studstill purchased Redhill Plantation in 2009.  At the time it was a much desired place to hunt whitetail deer with trophy deer harvested annually.  Since their purchase they have worked extremely hard to increase the whitetail quality and the whole hunting experience.  The Studstills have added a high fence all around the 1,360+ acre property, constructed new lodging facilities, and much more to make your experience unforgettable.

Just a few of the trophies harvested at Redhill Plantation
in the past few years

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Fawn Raising Services

Redhill Plantation is also offering fawn raising services.  If you are a licensed breeder, we will furnish milk and bottle feed your fawns for $10 per fawn, per day.  They will be on feed in 12 weeks.  Our barn is well kept with clean facilities.  Please call us at (251) 746-2204 for more information.

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Redhill Plantation
25384 HWY 47 North, Evergreen, AL 36401
(251) 746-2204 home/office
(352) 538-2505 cell