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Monday, March 04, 2019

Mariah Elk Farm is located in the Finger Lakes Region, just south of Cortland, New York. There are very few days on this hilltop farm that the wind does not blow, thus the name Mariah. For the past 5 generations, additional acreage has brought the base farm to 164 acres. With agriculture in mind, that legacy extends today and will into the future.

After much research, and various farm visits along the lines of alternative farming, we set up for Elk in 1999. Our first Elk were introduced in 2000, every day since has been a learning experience, and a work in progress.

Our farm is built with rotational grazing in mind, the elk graze in various paddocks and are moved to fresh paddocks as needed. All hay to offset the lack of grazing in the winter is produced on our farm. As herd health is very important; our animals are offered a pellet feed, mineral block, and parasite control as needed. No additives or growth hormones are used in this operation.

Robert & Beverly Root
13055 Rt 38
Berkshire, NY 13736
607-657-8069 |
Joe Root
1825 Blodgett Mills Rd.
Cortland , NY 13045
904-303-9202 |
(Mariah Elk Farm)

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