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Monday, March 04, 2019

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PO Box 220, Pleasant Valley, CT 06063
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Critterfence specializes in fencing and related materials for deer exclusion and containment. There are a few websites, each offering specific items or services:

Deer Fence and Garden Fence Kits - Critterfence complete kits and accessories to create complete enclosures.  Access gates from 3' wide to 16' wide available along with custom sizes.  Deer fence posts, tension cabling, hogringer tools, ground stakes and more are available here.

deer fence 1 deer fence 2 deer fence 3 deer fence 4 deer fence 5

Deer Fence, Deer Fencing and Garden Fencing - Critterfence website for rolls of fence material only.  600, 700 and 900+ lb breaking strength fence mesh material, 1" opening black coated steel material and more.  Deep discounts for multiple roll purchases.

Deer Fence Installation, Garden Fence Installation - Critterfence website for specific information on installed fence systems.  Professionally installing this type of material for over 10 years, they will design and install a system specific to your needs.  Past projects include universities, arboretums, conservation areas, farms and more.

Deer Grates and Deer Grate websites - Critterfence concrete and metal grates are used over driveway areas to keep deer in or out.  Used in place of or in addition to driveway gates.  Standard grates available as well as heavy 78,000lb (up to and including log trucks, etc) grates for commercial use.  Custom sizes available as well as delivery, placement and hole preparation services. For pictures, diagrams and a video click here: concrete deer grates

Cat Fence and Cat Fencing - Critterfence also offers specialized fence kits with angled post extenders for cat containment.  These candy cane shaped post systems contain cats and can also be used for other animals.

Aside from visiting the above websites, please feel free
to call 860-921-7900 or fax purchase orders to 860-238-3299

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Critterfence, PO Box 220, Pleasant Valley, CT 06063
(860) 921-7900  |    |