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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Redhill Plantation Fawn Raising Services
Redhill Plantation is offering fawn raising services.  If you are a licensed breeder, we will furnish milk and bottle feed your fawns for $10 per fawn, per day.  They will be on feed in 12 weeks.  Our barn is well kept with clean facilities.  Please call us at (251) 746-2204 for more information.

Redhill Plantation
Liz Studmill
25384 HWY 47 North
Evergreen, AL 36401
Phone: 251-746-2204

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Twin Oak Exotics Exotics, Antler Art, Metal Art
Whether you are looking to purchase some of the finest, exotic animals in Texas or are interested in deer feeders, antler art, metal art, handmade bullet pens ... You have come to the right place!

* We Buy Antlers - Call 409-423-2369 For Inquiries

Twin Oak Exotics
Aubrey Sudduth
227 CR 409
Kirbyville, TX 75956
Phone: 409-423-2369

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Combination Bear / Red Stag Hunts Combination Bear/Red Stag Hunts
Grove Hill Outfitters is offering combination Black Bear hunts with Hounds and a Registered Maine Guide in Central Maine plus a Red Stag hunt on our Private Hunting Preserve for a management Stag of up to 12 points with Grove Hill Outfitters.


Grove Hill Outfitters
Dave McGlinchey
1181 Main Street
Ripley, ME 04930
Phone: 207-461-2363

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Elk, Whitetail, Fallow Deer, Ram, Wild Hogs, Upland Game Birds
For deer and bird lovers who seek only top record book game, adventures at the Easton View Outfitters are considered an unparalleled outdoors experience. Whether your preference is for deer, Rocky Mt. Elk, or game birds - look no further!

Easton View Outfitters
175 South Cambridge Rd.
Valley Falls, NY 12185
Phone: 518-894-8889

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Deer fence and garden fence kits Deer Fence and Garden Fence Kits
Critterfence complete kits and accessories to create complete enclosures. Access gates from 3' wide to 16' wide available along with custom sizes. Deer fence posts, tension cabling, hogringer tools, ground stakes and more are available here.

PO Box 220
Pleasant Valley, CT 06063
Phone: 860-921-7900

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Deer Fencing Game Fencing, Deer Fencing, Hunting, Deer Sales
Straight Shooter Game Fencing "S.S.G.F., Inc" is a nation wide game fencing specialist, installing high fence for hunting ranches, deer farms, airports, gated communities, etc.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing
3527 Blue Road
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Phone: 256-381-2675

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Farm-Raised Elk Venison Farm-Raised Elk Venison
- Elk Meat is Naturally low in Fat and Cholesterol, High in Protein
- Doctor recommended for people with high Cholesterol
- Whole Herd Veterinarian inspected for herd health
- Whole Herd inspected TB, CWD, and Brucellosis free
* Please call 607-657-8069 for availability of cuts.
Mariah Elk Farm
13055 Rt 38
Berkshire, NY 13736
Phone: 607-657-8069

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Semen Straws For Sale - Amos (285" at 6) Semen Straws For Sale - Amos
- Buck: Amos
- Score: 285" @ 6
- Straws: 1/2cc
- Pedigree: Sire -> Ace; Dam -> Angela
* Call 205-529-9377 for current pricing.
Weaver Two Whitetails
P.O. Box 123
Guntersville, AL 35976
Phone: 205-529-9377

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